Services Available

Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal

Permanently remove or reduce unsightly hair anywhere on your body.


Prevent regrowth of peach fuzz around your eyebrows or upper lip.


Remove hair at the source to keep skin smoother for longer.

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Skin Treatments

Spectra Peel Laser

Reach into pores to remove the source of skin issues.

Photo Facials

Eradicate acne-causing bacteria and stimulate collagen production.

Dermal Blading

Remove the translucent blonde hair from your face.

Acne Miracle

Eliminate acne and start your journey towards clear, clean skin.

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Permanent Makeup

Look your best all day and night, every day and night.




Lip Liner

Full Lips

Over 100 customized colors available.

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Tattoo Removal

Laser technology and your body's natural systems work together to breakup ink particles and expel them from your body.

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